How To Find The Best Cheap Carpet Cleaning ?

How To Find The Best Cheap Carpet Cleaning

cheap carpet cleaning servicesAre you a resident, and homeowner in Santa Monica, California? This article is for you. It is a step-to-step guide on cheap carpet cleaning. There are numerous companies within Santa Monica that offer carpet cleaning services. They use various methods to clean your carpet to give your home the appearance it deserves.

Carpet Cleaning involves the eradication of dirt, stains, and allergens. Having a clean carpet is recommended. It is one of the ways that you could ensure your carpet lasts longer, and is also a healthy practice. Most manufacturers would advise you to seek the services of a carpet cleaner Los Angeles, who would ensure that your carpet is well maintained.

Methods of Cleaning Carpets

If you are not sure of the carpet cleaning method to use in your home, there are at least four methods you could choose from. Carpet cleaning methods can be categorized as either dry cleaning or wet cleaning. Here are a couple of methods that carpet cleaning professionals use:

  1. Wet Cleaning/ Hot Water Extraction

cheap carpet cleaning servicesIt is also referred to as steam cleaning. Here, the carpet is first preconditioned with a chemical that reacts to liquefy oil-based substances, and soil present in the carpet fibers. Water is then heated close to its boiling point. It is then pressurized, and injected into the carpet. The solution formed is extracted using a vacuum after about 15 minutes. This method is highly recommended by experts.

  1. Bonnet cleaning

This method involves cleaning with an absorbent pad. It can be used for regular carpet cleaning, but you should mostly use it for light carpet cleaning. First, the carpet is vacuumed, then a chemical solution is sprayed on it, and left for an appropriate period to allow reaction. The bonnet is then placed on a rotary floor machine, and it’s spun over the carpet at an rpm of between 100 and 300.

  1. Shampooing

This method is also known as the dry foam method. Experts in carpet cleaning Los Angeles apply a cleaning agent on the carpet to suspend soils in the carpet. The cleaning agent is then whipped into foam, and a special machine with rotating brushes works the foam into the carpet fibers. A vacuum is used to extract this foam.

  1. Dry cleaning

This method entails spreading cleaning agents, and powder that has been mixed with appropriate solvents on your carpet. A machine with counter-rotating brushes works the cleaning agent into the fibers, and the powder absorbs the dirt and debris within the fibers. A vacuum is then used to finish up the cleaning after about 15 minutes.

Equipment Used in Carpet Cleaning

Professional experts in carpet cleaning use a variety of equipment and techniques to leave your carpet sparkling. Some of the most common equipment used in cleaning carpets include: tile and grout cleaning equipment, truck mounts, carpet extractors, carpet cleaning power heads, just to mention but a few.

Which are The Best Carpet Cleaners for You?

Whenever it comes to cleaning your carpet, using soap and water will not completely clean it. Professional experts recommend that you use either powder or shampoo. They are the most efficient carpet cleaning, especially in a situation where you carpet has firmly established odors, persistent stains, and has stayed for a long while without cleanup.

Powders perform best in carpet cleaning when dealing with stains and dirt. They are a suitable cleaning agent and can be vacuumed much faster. Using powders dries up the carpet a lot faster as compared to using shampoos. Shampoo cleaners take longer to dry, increasing the time the room is off limits. When using a cleaning agent/ product, you should always ensure to stick to the instructions.

How often should you clean your Carpet?

Dirty carpets are awful to look at. They are also filled with grime, and maybe pollutants. The dirt in the carpet, contributes to its faster deterioration. Therefore, it is imperative to seek carpet cleaning services on a regular basis.

Vacuuming approximately removes 83% of dirt on the carpet. With vacuuming, you are advised to carry it out at least twice in a week. If your carpet is cleaned by professional carpet cleaners situated in Santa Monica, California- you should ensure that the service is delivered at least once per annum. Also, if you feel the need to carry out an abrupt carpet cleanup, you can do it yourself using steam cleaners. Frequent carpet maintenance assures its longevity.

How much should you expect to pay for Carpet Cleaning?

Depending on the type of carpet clean up services you want, a carpet cleaner Los Angeles will charge you differently. Charges vary depending on the area being cleaned and the type of cleaning, and equipment employed in the process. For instance; carpet cleaning for one room in Los Angeles would cost you between $60 and $75. As for four rooms, you can expect to pay between $100 and $120. Prices also vary with the companies.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning


  • Place walk-off mats where there are entrances to your home from high soil areas like the backyard. This prevents dirt from accumulating on your carpet.
  • If your vacuum uses bags, ensure to change them often. It helps to maximize on cleaning efficiency.
  • Purchase a vacuum cleaner that is of high quality, and ensure to use it frequently in cleaning your carpet.
  • Ensure that you read the care and maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that you follow the guidelines to the letter.
  • You should also invest in a great carpet cushion. It provides ventilation between the floor and carpet hence vacuuming is made easier.


  • Do not try to clean your carpets alone. carpet cleaning from professionals in Santa Monica is recommended once a year. The equipment they use could clean the carpet much better, plus they have the expertise.
  • Do not let stains sit on your carpet. In case of stains they should be treated as soon as possible to avoid their soaking in the fiber.
  • Do not vacuum over loose yarn, as looped carpets can be obstruct.
  • Do not leave your furniture in one place; moving furniture avoids leaving some areas untouched.
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