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Service Inclusion

Service Inclusion Program

For a limited period, all professionals purchasing Visual Building will be entitled to a FREE advertising entry in our Service Inclusion Program. This will be of benefit to you and all users of Visual Building.

This program enables you to include your services and products to all users of Visual Building. This is of interest to many disciplines and suppliers involved within the construction industry, and beyond. The database can be searched by professional category, function and location. There is an opportunity to include your company logo together with your complete contact details, email and web site link. We are also including support sites and information sites that we feel are a benefit to Visual Building users.
Visual Building users are taken direct to your website by clicking on your web link


You can bring your architectural services to the attention of people employing Visual Building for all manner of uses. These users could be at any stage of a project and would possibly welcome the assistance and advice of an architect, especially an architect that is familiar with Visual Building.


You can bring your building services to the attention of others using Visual Building. Many home owners and architects would be interested to be aware of local builders .

Estate Agents

Ensure that users of Visual Building are aware of your services either locally or nationwide.

Interior Designers

Bring your interior design abilities to the attention of Visual Building users. Include a link to your own web site to demonstrate your creative interior design ability.


Landscaping companies can present their ideas directly to potential customers using Visual Building.

If you would like to be included FREE of charge then please email to us the following details that you wish to be included:
Company Name
Company Contact Name
Counties (eg Hampshire , Surrey or All)
Service or Product category to be listed under
You will then be included in the next database update.


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