How often should you clean carpets?

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You would need to answer some questions yourself. If you are to decide on, how often should you clean carpets? This will depend on so many factors and we would try to list all which we think would be relevant. Would you answer most of the questions listed below in the positive? Then you need to look at, how often should you clean carpets positively and pragmatically.
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Who lives with you?

If you live alone it would not matter much as you could look at how often should you clean carpets as a chore that would need to be done once a week. On the contrary if you live with your family and an average one at that, then the equation changes.

There would be much activity through the home and many comings and goings. This would bring dust, dirt and grime, Then you should look at how often should you clean carpets positively and do it may be thrice a week. Again if your household is a really busy one, then even this would change.

You should look at cleaning your carpets may be five times a week. This would ensure that you live free from dust and all the other issues which could come about due to unclean carpets.

Are there kids?

If you have kids at home from crawlers to toddlers and others then you would need to keep your home spick and span. The only way to do that would be to have your carpets dust free, grime free and odor free. Cleaning carpets in such a home environment very often, even five times a week would not be enough.
Kids soil carpets often and they need to be given a clean environment, hence the prerogative falls on us to ensure that the home is clean.

Are there pets?

This is another issue that needs homes to be kept clean always. We love our pets but we need to keep the home clean without fallen fur and other dirt that pets bring from outside. Long furred pets would shed more and cleaning them every day would be our prerogative. We need to do so as we need to keep the home and the carpets clean as it should be.

pets and kids
Are there pets and kids?

When you have kids and pets the equation changes drastically. Both need the home to be kept clean for them and they are the ones who would soil it too. In this instance you would need to clean your carpets practically, every day.
There would not be a moment when they would not bring something into the home. It is impossible to drive anything into them as they are pets and kids. You cannot expect them to be in a strict environment hence you would have perennial issues.

What type is your home?

If you live in an apartment on a higher floor then you may not have much dust collection on your carpets. You could relax as it would entail a carpet cleanup once a week. On the contrary if you live in a house with garden then you would have to think differently. The process of cleaning carpets would be more frequent and arduous,

Are you prone to dust?

If you are in an area that is prone to much dust then you would need to keep the vacuum handy always. Cleaning many times a week would be your task. Dust is dangerous as it carries all types of diseases and sicknesses. If you have kids you may need to be extra careful as they are vulnerable to disease.
Cleanliness is next to Godliness!
We have often heard this. Being clean and keeping a clean home are all priorities. One place where duct, dirt and grime could collect un-noticed is in the carpets. Hence keeping them clean is very important. For this you would need to keep a close eye on how often should you clean carpets. It is only when you know this would you be able to keep your carpets clean.


You must decide conclusively as to how often you should clean carpets because only then would you plan out your chore. We need to keep a clean home for our kids, pets and for ourselves too. We can never cut corners in cleanliness as that could lead to other issues.
One major issue would be a sick household. Surely you would not want that. Hence keeping you home clean should be high on your personal and collective family agenda.
That cannot be traded for less. A clean home would ensure a healthy home. It is a healthy home that we all want and we should always strive towards that goal. We could do that by ensuring that our carpets are clean.

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