How Often Should You Deep Clean Carpets

selecting vacum cleaners

Why should you worry about carpet cleaning?

Carpets come in many varieties. Allowing you to choose from different colors, textures, prints and styles. There are also numerous advantages of having a carpet. Such as providing your home or office with a modern and sleek look. Providing comfort and warmth. Especially during the winter season, minimizing falls and injuries. Muffling or reducing loud noises and adding on to all of this. Carpets are fairly affordable for everyone. Of course, the higher quality carpets are more expensive. But there is something to suit everyone’s budget. The only downside to carpets however, is the cleaning. Using a company like Best Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles can make that pain go away.
Carpets are highly sensitive to stains and even moisture. They tend to absorb spills very quickly. And they soak up even the slightest bit of moisture.

Deep Carpet Cleaning


What can you do to prevent your carpet from getting dirty?

The most important thing is to not leave your carpet to be cleaned once in a while. Instead maintain your carpet as part of your daily routine. This doesn’t imply that you have to deep clean every day. But vacuuming has to be done once a week at the very least. Vacuuming your carpet regularly prevents the buildup of dirt and dust. While maintaining the condition of the carpet and ensuring it looks almost as good as new! Vacuuming regularly is also part of preserving good hygiene in the house/office. When a rug or a carpet is not cleaned. It turns into a home for all types of bacteria and fungi. And these are bad for the health of everyone living in the house. The dust particles and the bacteria are trapped in the carpet fibers. And they can be especially dangerous. To those already suffering from asthma or other respiratory problems.

Selecting the right vacuum

The correct way to vacuum starts with choosing the correct type of vacuum. Nowadays there are so many different types of vacuum cleaners. Even the best of us tend to get confused and end up purchasing the wrong type. Some vacuum cleaners are made for commercial use and others for individual or home use.

selecting vacuum cleaners

Some come with wet and dry options whereas the main focus of some is the suction power. Some carpet companies will even recommend a specific type of vacuum cleaner. When you purchase your carpet but if your seller has not done so. Do not fret – by the end of this article you will know everything. There is to know about vacuuming and cleaning your carpet.

Understanding the functionality of vacuum cleaners

Most commonly, vacuum cleaners come with a beater bar or a rotating brush. This incites the carpet fibers and helps in loosening the soil and dirt that is buried inside. While this is great for cleaning it is also harmful to some types of carpets. These are usually ones that have loops or long strands. Such as: Berber carpets, Frieze carpets and even carpets made of wool. For these types it’s best to purchase a vacuum cleaner that only has the suction feature. Or use Best Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles. Or else if the vacuum cleaner has an option to turn off. The beater bar then that can be used as well.
It is also a good idea to get a vacuum cleaner whose height is adjustable. This is great when you have more than one carpet in your home. If the carpet is very large. Or if you have carpeted stairs. Then opt for a cordless (battery powered) vacuum cleaner. As this will stop you from tripping over the wire while vacuuming. And if offered the choice between a light weight vacuum and a heavier vacuum. Then always go for the lighter one so you don’t tire easily.

Deep cleaning your carpets using the Best Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles

Now that you know how to purchase the best vacuum cleaner for your carpet. We can learn more about the method. There isn’t a specific technique. As such but start off by removing all types of objects from the carpet. Toys, footwear, ornaments, vases, potted plants etc. This is so that the items don’t accidently fall and break. And then become tiny objects that can easily get caught in the vacuum and end up breaking it.
Once all of the items are removed.

Slowly move the vacuum back and forth: run it in one direction and then bring it back towards you. Continue doing this until the entire area of the carpet is covered. Be careful not to rush too much as this will not be effective. And there is also the possibility that the fibers. Will get caught in the vacuum and come apart. If a fair amount of dust has collected. Then empty the vacuum bag or the canister. As not doing so will reduce the suction power. And prevent your vacuum cleaner from picking up all of the dirt and dust. While once a week is the minimum. If you have pets in the house. Or if there is a lot of foot traffic then it’s best to vacuum twice a week or more.

How often should you deep clean your carpets?

how often should I clean carpet
When it comes to deep cleaning and how often it should be done: once a year is the recommended time. But there are other indicators that may tell you it’s time for a deep clean.When your carpet is sticky and feels matted.
When the color of the carpet looks different from what the color once was. When the carpet has visible dirt marks.

When jumping or running across the carpet gathers up a dust storm.

For deep cleaning it’s best to call in the professionals like Best Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles.
But if you decide to this by yourself then that too can be done. However, be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time on this task. And it’s best to do this on a day when you won’t be needing the carpet.
As it will take some time to dry as well. There are many ways to deep clean at home such as using a steam cleaner. A carpet cleaning solution. Or even DIY shampoos but a vacuum cleaner is absolutely essential for all of the ways.

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