Best Water Damage Repair Service Milbrae

Milbrae – Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Is your toilet clogged? Did your pipes burst? If so, then a fast action is what you need and our company is ready to serve you 24/7. We can definitely help you prevent the spread of the water damage in the other areas of your property.

We would be leaving your property’s structures and your furnishings completely dry. Hence, the possible growth of mold can be stopped even before it starts. After all, we would also be conducting air quality and moisture testing before we leave your property.

best water damage repair service

We also work compassionately and professionally at all times. We do not call it a day unless we have heard from your very own mouth how satisfied you are with the service we have rendered. More than anything else, at the end of the day, you would be provided peace of mind, knowing that your property is safe to use and occupy again.

Milbrae – Carpet Cleaning

Throughout the years that we have been serving the area of Milbrae and through our expertise in this endeavor, we were able to position our self as an industry leader in terms of carpet cleaning. Our company has an access to the latest cleaning equipment, allowing us to provide the most innovative solution for your situation. We assure you that when you hire our company, you would have fresher, cleaner and healthier carpets that will surely brighten up your property.

All of our staffs have also undergone training to render you a carpet cleaning service that is safe not only for your carpet but also for your pets and for your kids as well since our company does not use harsh detergents and chemicals. Also, you can expect longer lasting cleaning result from us.

Milbrae – Tile & Grout Cleaning

Did you know that most household allergens accumulates in your tile and grout? So, to ensure a cleaner and healthier home for you and for your family, we offer tile & grout cleaning services that assures you of deep clean results. We guarantee you that we can get rid of even the dirt that lies deep within your grout lines.

We would be doing the process by inspecting your tile & grout first to determine the best possible treatment for it. Then, we would be using high pressure vacuum and water that can extract the dirt from within. This is not something that you can achieve through just mopping and wiping your tile & grout. Nevertheless, we see to it that the entire process would still be gentle on your tile & grout. If you want, we can even apply a finishing coat of seal on it.

Milbrae – Hardwood Flooring and Restoration

You need to accept the fact that your hardwood flooring would be prone to normal wear and tear over time. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean that you should just leave it as it is. In fact, you need to pay attention to it. On the other hand, if you want to protect your investment, then you can just simply ask us to restore it for you.

Our service is more than just your regular cleaning for we would also be replacing your floor’s finish, making it look as good as new again. If needed, we can also sand down your floor before applying a new finish if you want to fix the discoloration, fading and the deep scratches in it.

Maintaining your hardwood flooring gives you an assurance that it would last for long years. Nevertheless, instead of doing it yourself, you should let a professional handle your hardwood flooring and restoration needs. Contact us today!