San Mateo Cleaning Services

San Mateo – Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Although water is a necessity, it can also damage your property in an instant. So, when water damage occurs, there is a need for you to address it as soon as possible. With just one call from you, we would immediately send out our expert men to your doorstep.

We give you an assurance that our water damage repair and restoration service exceeds the industry’s standards. In addition to that, we would only be using the state of the art technology to provide you the best possible result, allowing you to prevent additional costs and damage.

Our company also has a good relationship with insurance companies in San Mateo and so, you can expect to get your claims as quickly as possible. More than anything else, we can help restore your property before the damage has occurred. Nevertheless, we do not only serve residential clients for we serve commercial clients as well.

San Mateo – Carpet Cleaning

Done everything that you can to remove the stain on your carpet but it just wouldn’t work? Does your carpet still have an unnecessary odor no matter how many times you wash it yourself? If that is the case, then you would be needing an expert help in this matter and our company is more than willing to help you out.

We would be using powerful equipment to clean your carpet thoroughly. In addition to that, there is no need for you to wait for a day or two for your carpet to dry for it would only take a few hours for us to dry it. Hence, you can reduce the risk of mold and mildew growing in your carpet.

San Mateo – Tile & Grout Cleaning

Don’t have the time to clean your tile & grout yourself? Just simply contact us and you will experience how easy and hassle free having a clean tile & grout in your home is.

As you might already know, dirt accumulates in your tile grout and if they are not removed, then it can result to discoloration. Your tile & grout would also look dull as well. On the other hand, if you hire experts like us, be rest assured that even the dirt from deep down would be removed.

So, what do you need your mop for if you have a dedicated tile & grout cleaning professional by your side? After all, we can clean even the areas that your mop cannot even reach in the first place and the stubborn dirt that you cannot remove by just simply using ordinary cleaning materials. Also, regardless of whether your tile is made up of granite, marble or any other material, we have you fully covered.

San Mateo – Hardwood Flooring and Restoration

Want to restore the look of your hardwood flooring? We can definitely help you out. With our hardwood flooring and restoration service, we can ensure the durability and longevity of your floors. With us, you can be assured that your flooring is in good hands.

Hardwood Floor cleaning

We can help you bring your hardwood back to life by reviving it’s natural beauty. In addition to that, in order to ensure that you would have beautiful results, we conduct a thorough preparation first. That way, your hardwood flooring would remain beautiful for the years to come.

Our company has always been a perfectionist when it comes to hardwood flooring and restoration. So, we only use proven effective floor sanding techniques in order to remove stain and unwanted finishes. We also see to it that all the gaps would be sealed. Get a quote from us today!